Doing things that align to our client’s vision

At Meshworks, we strive to be able to understand our clients’ business goals and we hope to align those goals with our own. Sometimes, there is misalignment and that might mean that the clients and ourselves are not suited for one another. Other times, those goals align and we work together with great synergy to achieve those goals.

For example, our client Eco-Service Canada (@ecoServiceCA) is a waterless car wash company that has firm goal to save 100L of Clean drinking water per car wash and is a supporter for Charity:Water (@charitywater). We looked for ways to be able to have joint goals. It just so happens that our great domain registrar (@namecheap), is also a huge supporter of Charity:Water as well!

We want to be able to cultivate the culture of understanding and working on achieving our clients’ business goals together here at Meshworks.

Contact us if you have any great or challenging goals that we can work to solve together.

P.S. In keeping with the water theme, we happen to host all of our sites on Digital Ocean =P

P.P.S. No pressure, but if you guys are interested in the Namecheap or Digital Ocean, our Affiliate links can be found below. We appreciate it!


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